A committed team of expert facilitators/healers are available at the centre

Sr. Dr. Elizabath Vadakkekara MMS
Sr. Elizabeth Vadakekara, a graduate from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana had her first mission assignment to Holy Family Hospital, Bongao, Philippines and served there as the Medical Director and the Chief Medical Officer During this time she mastered skills in Acupressure/ Acupuncture which she recalls as the ' saving Grace' in a very remote resource limited island. Back to Kerala in the late eighties, she integrated the alternate modes treatment in her medical practice and continued as a trainer for Acupressure in Ayushya. After about 20 years of clinical practice, Elizabeth shifted her focus to Child and Adolescent psychiatry and had her training in London. This gave her the impetus to establish a Crisis Control Center named THRANI in Trivandrum especially for suicide prevention among the children and youth. 24 hours telephone counseling was a major component of this center. She secured a Fellowship in HIV/AIDs Medicine from CMC Vellore as well during this time. By 2004 Elizabeth was elected to the Leadership of the Congregation for the next 12 years, however, she continued to keep abreast with the developments in the medical field and further equipped her self with other modes of treatment for all sorts of ailments and diseases: Scenar therapy, Craniosacral therapy, EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for Post Traumatic stress Disorder are some of the specialities. Now Elizabeth is the Director of 'Ayushya' since 2016.
Sr. Dr. Eliza Kupozhackel MMS
Sr. Eliza is the foundress and programme coordinator of Ayushya. She holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Bombay University and Doctor of Alternative Medicine from the International Open University. She has a diploma in Sacred Sciences- Scripture and Theology and is a certified yoga teacher from Kaivalyadham Yoga Instistute, Pune and Yoga Shikshak from Bihar School of Yoga, Mongyr. She is trained in Holistic Health, Stress Management and several non-drug healing modalities from the East and West. She has special training in TA and Psychotherapy; and advanced training in Psychotherapy and Emotional Body Health from the Institute for Studies in Psychotherapy and Emotional Body Work from Canada; Oriental Medicine and Auricular Therapy from Asian Health Institute, Japan; Pranic Energy Healing from Philippines; and several Alternative Healing Modes, Energy Balancing Techniques and Vibration Medicine from USA. Sr. Eliza is a pioneer in Holistic Health and Pranic Healing in India. She has over 30 years of experience in giving training and healing in Integrated Approach to Health and several Alternative healing modes. Eliza has contributed several articles on Healing and Wholeness in the national and international publications and published books on Alternative Health. She has developed an herbal Garden with a variety of medicinal herbs for demonstration.
Sr. Dr. Joan Chunkapura MMS
Sr. Joan is a psychotherapist and nationally recognized expert in addiction treatment and recovery. She practices in Ayushya and I.H. M. Hospital Bharanaganam and conducts regular training programmes in various advanced modern psychotherapy at Ayushya. She holds her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University. She did specialization in Addiction treatment from Minnesota and got trained in Family Therapy from Florida, USA. She also got trained in various advanced Psychotherapies from Maryland, USA. She is specialized in Biblical studies – both Old and New Testament from Batkol Institute, Jerusalem, Israel. She is a pioneer in the field of Addiction, establishing five deaddiction centres.. She has written twenty books in English and Malayalam in the field of counselling, mental health and addiction. She has received various awards and citations. At present she is rendering service as the Principal of TRADA Institute of Social Sciences, Kottayam and guides Ph.D students in Behavioural Science.
Sr. Deena Philip Medayil MMS
A Pharmacist by profession graduated from Christian Medical College Vellore, Sr.Deena Philip did her studies in Counseling and Psychology at East Asian Pastoral Institute Manila and Ateneo de manila Philippines. Later studied Spiritual Direction, Counselling and Psychotherapy using different approaches and methods at Sadhana Institute, Lonavla, Pune. She is specialized in HRT Counselling and Brain Wave Therapy at HRT Psychotherapuetic Foundation Trivandrum and Aluva with Dr.Berchmans Koyical- the deviser and Founder of HRT system of counseling coupled with Brain wave Therapy. Sister Deena is working as professional licensed HRT counselor and Brain Wave Therapist at Ayushya for the last 17 years.
Sr. Dr. Vijaya Puthusseril MMS
Dr. Sr.Vijaya Puthusseril has been a Nurse Educator and a Nurse Administrator for the last 35 years. She secured her BSc (Hons ) Nursing and Master’s Degree in Nursing from RAK College of Nursing, University of Delhi and her doctoral degree in Behavioural Science from M.G University, Kottayam. She got special training in Palliative Care and Oncology Nursing Overview from UK. She has secured the UICC Nursing Fellowship from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York. She was privileged to undergo a training in Breast Cancer in Australia as the only Indian selected by the international Society for Cancer Care. She has been an Educator for the GNM , B.Sc and M.Sc Nursing Students in various Nursing Schools/ Colleges and was instrumental in starting the M.Sc Nursing as a pioneer in this field in the private Sector in Kerala. She worked in Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvanathapuram for over 16 years from its inception, as Chief Nursing Officer & Asso. Prof. establishing the Nursing Department with various innovations in par with the International standards and was also instrumental in establishing the Palliative Care unit at RCC. Her recent books ‘Sneha Sparsham for cancer patients’ published by Media House Delhi, and ‘Arogyam in home atmosphere’ published by DC books Kottayam are widely being circulated. She is a Writer & Reviewer for Modules for Nurses on Geriatric Care under the National Institute of Health & Family Welfare (NIHFW). Currently she is involved in Palliative Care Training, Palliative Home Visits and giving Heath Awareness equipping people for self reliance in health. At present she is rendering services at Ayushya as Coordinator for Training in Health Care.
Sr. Theramma Prayikalam MMS
Sr. Theramma has her degree in Teachers Training (B. Ed) and Masters Degree in Theology specialized in Feminist Theology from Philippines. Her book is published as the “Manakaruth (Power within) Spirituality of the fisher women in Kerala, Inspirations and Challenges to the Consecrated Women.” She has 30 years of lived experiences with the fisherpeople in organizational and educational field. She also has the training from Philippines in Stress Management and the Road to healing, Spiritual Mentoring and Counseling, Psycho- spiritual Dynamics of Human Development, Sexuality and Spirituality. She does spiritual accompaniment of the clients at Ayushya.
Sr. Maria Paravarakathu MMS
Sr. Maria has a Diploma in Pranic Healing Systems, and training in Human Resource Development skills in Counselling. She is also trained in non-drug therapies like crystal healing, acupressure, reflexology, polarity therapy, magneto therapy and counselling. She is involved in Holistic Health practices and works as a healer in the clinic in Ayushya.
Sr. Marykutty kinattukara MMS
Sr.Marykutty Kinattuara did her studies in M.A. Rural Development and Management in Gandhigram Rural Institute, Tamil Nadu. She worked ten years in Nagaland and Meghalaya, North East as a missionary for community development. She did her studies in M.Phil in Counseling and Psychology. At present she is promoting Nature cure and Natural farming and in collaboration with different groups where people are having same vision and mission.
Sr. Dr. Liza Aaviyil MMS
Sr. Theramma John MSS


SEND Registration fee Rs.200/- in advance by M.O. to the ad-dress below and reserve your seats in any Programme. Send DD in favour of 'Ayushya Centre for Healing and Integration Charitable Society'. The Programme Coordinator, Ayushya, Veroor P.O., Changanacherry-686104. The Programme is open to all irrespective of cast, creed or sex. Residential facility is available on request for those attending the day Programme. Accommodation is available for clients who need admission for treatment. Room and Board Rs. 300/ day Please bring loose clothing/salvar for doing yoga and exercises. Bring Torch, Notebook & pen with you. Office Time: 8.30am -5.00pm

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